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April 11, 2011

Democrat in Missouri to Oppose Health Care Law

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri’s Democratic attorney general broke with his party on Monday and urged a federal judge to invalidate the central provision of the new health care law.

The filing of the court brief by Attorney General Chris Koster, a onetime Republican state legislator who switched to the Democratic Partyin 2007, underscores the act’s political tenuousness in a critical Midwestern swing state.



April 8, 2011

6 Pages of Obamacare Equals 429 Pages of Regulations

Section 3022 of the law, which is about the Medicare shared savings program, take up just six pages in the 907-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. But HHS has turned that into 429 pages of new regulations and that’s too much, says Republican Wyoming Sen.John Barrasso, a practicing doctor.


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