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April 11, 2011

Actually, Barack Obama is proof that the political class has failed

But Barack Obama circa 2008? He had no meaningful experience leading anything, building anything or managing anything. Even he admitted, in an unusual moment of candor in 2007, that he hadn’t actually done anything. During the campaign he spoke in cliches and half truths, and many of his own allies were counting on him not meaning much of what he said. He was nothing but hype. A cool logo. An empty slogan — Hope and Change. A big smile. A well-oiled advertising campaign worthy of Don Draper. And he cruised to the most powerful office in the world.


April 9, 2011

Sheen’s ‘Violent Torpedo Of Truth’ Fails Big At Radio City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Charlie Sheen blasted his way into Radio City Music Hall on Friday night, but the mercurial former sitcom star didn’t quite give a “winning” performance.

It was just the latest chapter in the Sheen saga, reports CBS 2′s Hazel Sanchez.

Despite a 30-minute late start there was a Big Apple welcome for Sheen on Friday night — a rousing standing ovation.

But the fandemonium was short lived. What was slated as a 90-minute show ended after just 45 minutes.



April 8, 2011

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

A new analysis of wind energy supplied to the UK National Grid in recent years has shown that wind farms produce significantly less electricity than had been thought, and that they cause more problems for the Grid than had been believed.

The report (28-page PDF/944 KB) was commissioned by conservation charity the John Muir Trust and carried out by consulting engineer Stuart Young. It measured electricity actually metered as being delivered to the National Grid.

In general it tends to be assumed that a wind farm will generate an average of 30 per cent of its maximum capacity over time. However the new study shows that this is actually untrue, with the turbines measured by the Grid turning in performances which were significantly worse:


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