Mass Immigration from Tunisia Italy Seeks to Pass Problem on to EU Partners

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that Europe still has not reached consensus on how to deal with those who have been arriving on its shores in such great numbers in recent years. Each country has sought to protect its own borders as best it can. This week, for example, the French — in potential violation of EU law — carried out checks at the border with Italy at Ventimiglia, checks which were supposedly abolished under the Schengen Agreement. The aim was to intercept Tunisians on their way into France and send them back.

Even the well-meaning hosts of the 44 young Tunisians in Sant’Anna would seem to realize that the problem will not be solved any time soon. They have come up with an “integration program,” which involves playing soccer with the locals as well as learning to speak and write Italian. There are even plans for a course on the history of the site and its surroundings.

But the operators of the hostel have made it clear to town officials that the North African guests cannot stay beyond the end of May. Then the space is needed again for “a new culture of travel.”




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